Save on your Electricity Bill

Solar enables you to dramatically reduce the cost of your electricity bill by generating FREE electricity from the sun. By producing your own electricity you’ll be purchasing less from your retailer, meaning money in your pocket rather than in theirs! Solar lets homeowners be in control and helps beat rising power costs.

Adds Value to your Property

As the need for alternative energy systems are rapidly increasing, having a solar system installed on your home is a sound investment. Solar will provide your home with a high energy rating as well as enhance the long term value of the property.

Power your home with clean energy

Whilst the cost of electricity continues to rise and the burning of fossil fuels become more expensive, installing solar power can save you money and reduce your carbon emissions use. Solar power is not only stainable but it’s renewable, which means it will never run out and it is clean pure energy from the sun. When you install solar you help to combat greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and reduce your collective dependence on fossil fuel. Everyone has the opportunity of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our reliance on grid-fed electricity.

Did you know the average solar system will offset 178 tons of carbon dioxide over 30 years! What does this look like?

Saving the amount of fuel it takes to drive 390,375 miles, which would get you around the equator about 15.7 times.

Planting 10 football fields full of trees.

Conserving so much water used in electricity production that it would fill 6.7 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Eliminating the need to burn 173,447 pounds of coal, roughly the weight of 17 school buses.